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Saree Fabrics – Know Your Saree Material Better

Saree Fabrics – Know Your Saree Material Better

The Saree, India's most popular women's garment, embodies culture and tradition. A saree is a long and unstitched cloth that is draped in various fashions and measures four to nine yards in length. The saree, considered a daily wear in most parts of India, is increasingly gaining favor as a sophisticated evening and event wear option. With such a diverse choice of materials and patterns originating from various Indian states, finding the right Saree to fit your lifestyle might be difficult. Here's a rundown on the much-loved Saree. Here is a guide to fabrics for shopping designer sarees online.


Silk is a type of fabric that is used to make garments Silk is a natural material that is frequently used in textiles. This pricey fabric is one of the most popular materials for occasion and festive clothing because of its glittering, smooth, and soft texture. Silk is the toughest natural fabric, yet it drops strength when wet and exposed to direct sunlight. To produce more cheap and durable textiles, many producers now prefer artificial fibers or mixes over pure silk. Silk sarees are made in India using a variety of techniques that are unique to the country. They are well-known for their unique features. Here's a glance at the various sorts of silk sarees on the market.

Tussar Silk & Raw Silk Sarees

Raw Silk has a gritty texture due to its shorter fibers, which adds to its appeal. This makes the fabric more delicate, necessitating greater attention. It is well-known for its naturally dull gold sheen. Tussar Silk is a popular choice for Raw Silk Sarees and is made in Bhagalpur, Madhya Pradesh.

Kantha Sarees

A West Bengal saree named after the embroidery method used. Kantha is a style of running stitched embroidery that is used to cover the entire cloth with beautiful flower, bird, animal, motifs mathematical shapes, everyday theme activities on sarees ranging from raw silk to cotton. The stitching on the fabric gives it a wrinkled and wavy appearance.

Banarasi Silk Sarees

Banarasi Silk Sarees, owned by Varanasi, India, are among the best sarees, with silver and gold brocade work. These saris are quite hefty and reserved for special events due to the usage of quality silk and sumptuous designs inspired by elaborate Mughal design.

Paithani Sarees

This exquisite silk saree hails from Paithan, Maharashtra, and features square-patterned borders and a Peacock motif on the pallu. Single and multi colored designs are quite popular and are frequently seen in designs.

Patola Sarees

This silk saree from Patan, Gujarat, is well-known for its unique weave, which employs the double ikat technique. These sarees are known for their vibrant colors and geometrical motif designs.

Kanchipuram Silk Sarees

The Kanchipuram Saree, traditionally woven by Tamil Nadu weavers, is thought to be of the greatest quality sarees and is woven organically. This saree is differentiated by its broad contrast borders and is woven with thick silk or gold threads for special occasions and celebrations.


This is a sheer and light in weight crepe fabric that was initially manufactured from silk and has a crinkly appearance due to the highly twisted yarns. Lightweight Georgette Sarees come in a variety of designs and colouring techniques. Chiffon Chiffon is a lightweight crepe silk that is highly sheer. After weaving, the crepe twist in the thread puckers the fabric in both orders, giving it some elasticity and a little abrasive feel.


Cotton is natural and breathable, incredibly durable, therefore, making cotton sarees a popular choice for everyday wear. Cotton adopts a wide range of dyes, allowing for a wide range of printing and dyeing techniques. Because of the tenacity and versatility of cotton yarn, a variety of weaving choices are conceivable, resulting in wonderfully textured sarees all throughout India. Almost every state in India has its own unique cotton saree styles, which are often worn in conjunction with or as an alternative to silk. A few well-known cotton saree variations are listed below.


The Jamdani Saree, which originated in Bengal, is a subtle muslin textile with handwoven ornamental designs. Gold and cotton thread are frequently employed against grey or white backgrounds, bringing grace and charm to this saree.

Hope you have a better fabric knowledge while shopping online for designer sarees. For the next shopping spree for sarees, check out Banglar Saree.
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